MAX LEVI® partners with Gallery NWC

MAX LEVI® partners with Gallery NWC
As we set sail on our artistic journey through Art & Design, we are thrilled to share the exciting news of our collaboration with Gallery NWC nestled in the heart of Sydney’s UNESCO Heritage listed Blue Mountains. Following a visit to the gallery and engaging with the remarkable artist and curator Katherine Kennedy, the harmonious connection between our endeavors became unmistakable.
MAX LEVI® introduces a touch of opulent design, complemented by Gallery NWC's vintage charm and a splendid array of artworks by esteemed and emerging Australian talents, forming a captivating fusion of artistry and design. Gallery NWC will proudly exhibit all MAX LEVI® models, extending worldwide complimentary shipping and enticing offers to both locals and visitors alike.
"Meandering the Escarpment" by CHRISTINE HYDE
"Vertigo" - Select Oak - Black base by MAX LEVI


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