Max Levi® starts collaboration with The Halliday Wine Companion

Halliday wine companion - Max Levi

Max Levi is excited to announce a new collaboration with The Halliday Wine Companion starting in July 2023. This promotional partnership will coincide with Max Levi's hard launch and will culminate during Father's Day as the vines start flowering.

Halliday is a wine media powerhouse that has shaped Australia’s relationship with quality and fine wine for more than 20 years.

This collaboration opens up various opportunities to join forces on aspects that will enrich our message when connecting with connoisseurs, collectors and anyone that has a passion for wine and design. This launch marks the beginning of what both parties believe will be a long-term relationship between two organisations with related synergies.

Look out for exclusive offers and consider a Halliday Wine Companion membership by clicking on the link below:


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